About RIVF

Started in 2003, RIVF (Research, Innovation and Vision for the Future) has become a major scientific event for researchers in the field of Computing and Communication Technologies, not only in Vietnam but also worldwide. In the past, the conference series were annual. Since the 9th conference in 2012, RIVF has been held in approximately every 18 months, alternating between the northern and southern part of Vietnam. Historically, it was at RIVF 2007 that the IEEE Vietnam Section was formed, and since then RIVF has become an IEEE conference. RIVF 2023 is the 17th conference in this series.

Proceedings of RIVF 2006 to 2022 are available at https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/conhome/1001965/all-proceedings.

Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) will host the conference from December 23-25, 2023 in Hanoi, Vietnam. It continues to offer an opportunity for researchers and innovators to discuss problems, share results, identify emerging issues, and establish academic collaborations in various disciplines of computing and communications. The RIVF’23 conference website is located at http://rivf2023.org

RIVF History

  • RIVF 2022 Ho Chi Minh city
  • RIVF 2021 Hanoi
  • RIVF 2020 Ho Chi Minh City
  • RIVF 2019 Danang
  • RIVF 2016 Hanoi
  • RIVF 2015 Can Tho
  • RIVF 2013 Hanoi
  • RIVF 2012 Ho Chi Minh City
  • RIVF 2010 Hanoi
  • RIVF 2009 Danang
  • RIVF 2008 Ho Chi Minh city
  • RIVF 2007 Hanoi
  • RIVF 2006 Ho Chi Minh City